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  • What is Kiosk Banking?

    Kiosk Banking is a convenient banking service provided for a low-income group or the weaker section. SBI Kiosk Banking allows you to transfer, deposit and withdraw through CSC built in a nearby location for the people without much hassle and standing in long queues as there are fewer banks situated in rural areas.

    The Kiosk Banking involves booths or in a shop built everywhere to be accessible and are operated by professionals and in this particular way people don't have to travel long distances and access a variety of services provided like loans and deposits. This initiated has resulted in financial inclusion for the weaker section where they could now access financial services under a low or affordable and can maintain a balance in their accounts.

    How Online Kiosk Banking works:

    You can partner with any Bank and the business person can build a no-frill account (zero balance account for weaker section) for the customer by a few biometric information like photographs, recording of fingerprint and other necessary details of the customer. These details and with more documentation are sent to the bank branch to build their identity and for further know-you- customer system.

    Once the account is created, the customer can now deposit, withdraw and successfully transfer cash easily. They can only do this process within an amount of Rs. 10,000 per day via kiosk booths with internet connectivity. With online kiosk banking association with banks, it helps them to increase their bank equity and provide financial inclusion of banking service in remote areas where banks are very limited.

    What is SBI Kiosk Banking?

    SBI, “The State Bank of India” has the largest branch network in the country and now it is inviting the eligible individuals. NGOs, Companies and other entities to join hands with SBI Kisok in order to take banking to Everyone. The transactions on SBI Kiosk Banking are bio-metrically secured. Moreover a printed acknowledgment for each transaction is issued to the customer and it has End-to-end process of account opening & online transactions. Micro savings as well as Micro remittance are also done through No Frills Savings Bank Account.

    SBI Kiosk Banking Online

    In India, a large number of people, especially the factory workers & migrant laborers don’t owe a savings account and they are even not able to open an account because they also don’t have valid address and ID proof. As the consequence they had to face difficulties for saving their earnings in a safe place and for sending money to their families.

    SBI Kiosk Banking Offers the Following Services:

    SBI Kiosk Banking is the solution as through the Kiosk banking the following services can be offered:

    • Urgent Money Transfer to any Bank Account
    • AEPS Facility i.e. Aadhar Enabled Payment System
    • Balance Enquiry/IMPS Transaction
    • Issuing of Identity Card/Rupay ATM Card
    • Withdrawal of Cash/Deposit of Cash
    • Recurring Deposit/Loan Deposit
    • Electronic-KYC Enrolment/Fixed Deposit
    • Social Security Schemes like PMJJY, PMSBY & APY etc.

    SBI CSP Online Apply

    SBI Application - Activation Process

    • Application Form and Registration fees received by Pay Point team
    • Due diligence by PPINL compliance Team
    • Application file to SBI local branch
    • SBI CSP code received
    • BC entry and Terminal mapping by SBI officials
    • Welcome kit and scanner dispatched
    • Training after kit received
    • Entire process usually takes 25-30 days

    What documents are required ?

    • Application form
    • 2 passport size photo's
    • PAN Card (Mandatory)
    • Id Proof (Voter id/Driving License/Passport etc.)
    • Shop Address proof
    • Resident address Proof (electricity bill, ration card etc.)

    What is the minimum requirement of Space and Hardware?

    • The requirement of space should of 200 sq feet
    • The counter must be available
    • There should be a room where more than 6& 7 people can accumulate


    • There should a computer with a minimum configuration of 20 GB hard disk of internet connectivity
    • A web camera or a scanner
    • A standard printer for printing out receipts

    Complimentary services

    • Utility bill payment
    • DTH & Mobile Recharge
    • Air ticket Booking
    • Bus Ticket Booking


    SBI CSP performs many duties and responsibilities but main functions of a CSP include: helping citizens to open a savings bank account under the varied government schemes and policies, For Instance under "Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna" etc. Moreover, CSPs provides the facility of acceptance of cash deposit as well as cash withdrawal. It also enables users to process "Kisaan Credit Card", Direct benefits transfer and Subsidy transfer etc.


    Opening a Bank CSP is an opportunity for you to work with banks as a NICT CSP. You can now provide banking services which entitles you for the commission on it. Moreover, if we talk about earning prospect then as a NICT CSP you will be able to earn some commission on accounts opening, Credit Card payments, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, Bill Payments and Most importantly on a basic fix pay of Rs. 2000 per month to Rs. 5000 per month.


    To become a CSP to any bank of your choice there are varied requirements as per the rules and regulations of the particular bank. But talking about the basic requirements you must have following things readily available in order to become banking CSP:
    1) Computer (Desktop or Laptop),
    2) Printer (Along with Scanner),
    3) Minimum 100 SQFT office space &
    4) Internet connectivity (Broadband, Modem or Dongle).

    Our Products & Services

    bank_serviceBanking Services

    By becoming a Bank CSP you can convert your shop into a Mini bank and provide all the basic Banking & keeping money administrations to your clients!!! Kiosk Banking CSP shows plans to give a easy to use keeping money administrations to the buyer in their neighborhood.

    reservationTravel Booking

    NICT CSPs are meant for online travel ticket bookings as NICT has been approved by IRCTC - Indian Railway (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) as a primary operator to select IRCTC specialists from all over India. Through NICT platform these specialists will be capable to reserve online spot.

    money_transferMoney Transfer

    CSP is best known for providing the facilities of money deposit /withdrawal. NICT has propelled the Tatkal Rupya in relationship with NICT Wallet in 2012. The item has been composed by Bank Mitra Wallet in order to give clients Money Transfer administrations with ease in their neighborhood.

    recharge_hm_iconRecharge Point

    CSP also works as the Recharge point for the clients. Now you can avail portable and DTH Recharge on Your Fingertips!!! NICT have built up an android versatile Application for Retailers and Purchasers with its creative innovation. This item is capable of empowering the clients to revive Mobiles and DTH.

    8950-200Utility Bill Payment

    NICT restrictive web platform has empowered the simple installments for the utility bill payments. As each family unit expends phone, mobiles, power, gas, water and so on… So there are no less than 2-5 bills to be paid on a month to month premise for each family unit. NICT made it easy.

    12734-200True Value

    Banking CSP works as a total administrations bundle! It is your entrance into the entire online basic administration conveyance. NICT’s Genuine esteem administration is a total administrations bundle that will change your shop/office space into a FMCS that is Fast moving customer's administrations center.

    How can I check my SBI Kiosk balance?    

    You can check your SBI kiosk balance by using a free service provided by SBI quick- Missed call Banking", where you can just send a simple SMS and get your account balance. Send SMS with your registration to the number 09223488888 in a form like this "REG Account Number".

    How can I register my mobile number in the SBI bank kiosk?    

    A person can complete their registration without any hassle on the SBI bank kiosk. While applying, you have got to enter your valid mobile number under the Registration column along with correct captcha and click on submit to proceed further. Remember that SBI will contact you for any communication purpose though that number.

    What is the Kiosk account?    

    Kiosk's account is account number of customers who use Kiosk Banking services. This account helps users to deposit cash, transfer to one another and withdraw in times of need. Having a Kiosk account allows you to access all banking services without going to the bank.

    Cash Withdrawal
    Cash Deposits
    Loan Facility
    Gives Kishan Credit Cards

    What are the Benefits of Kiosk Banking?    

    Kiosk Banking is built in a way to make people's life easier by providing all banking services in remote areas. Kiosk Banking is present under their favorable location, can build an account for very minimum balance, gives loans and accidental Insurance and you have to not stand in long queues anymore.

    How does Kiosking banking help for Small Businesses?    

    Kiosk Banking has made a source of income for small shop owners. You can open a Customer Service Point with an association of any banks or simply get a kiosk machine installed and earn money through opening a New Account, every deposit, withdrawn or loan taken, and Money Transfer or any services of the bank.

    What service does SBI kiosk Banking provide?    

    SBI Kiosk Banking provided many services for people in remote areas

    Account Opening
    Cash Withdrawal
    Cash Deposit
    Money Transfer

    What is the SBI CSP account?    

    SBI CSP account is a specific identity account number of a person who uses SBI CSP banking services for carrying out transactions. With the SBI CSP account present in the rural side, it helps many to transfer, withdraw, deposit money and open their schemes like Jandhan, Atal Pension Yojana, Small RD accounts without going to banks

    Who can apply for CSP?    

    Customer Service Point (CSP) does not require high degrees of education as the internet-based technology is extremely simple and easy to use. Candidate should be at least 21 years of age and should be computer literate.

    What is SBI Kiosk?    

    CSBI kiosk is a banking service offered by SBI to handle different banking transactions without reaching the bank. SBI has made it possible for rural areas to use SBI Kiosking banking service where don’t people have to stand in a long queue to do a transaction

    What is Customer Service Point?    

    Customer Service Point is a booth built-in remote areas where there is less number of banks for convenient use of banking service. CSP is built individually or is present in a shop and is a partner with private or public banks to make it easy for people to get benefits of banking service without reaching a bank.

    What is a kiosk service?    

    There are many services of Kiosking banking as it allows cash and non-cash transaction service.

    Account Opening
    Cash Transfer