Offer One Solution of Many Banking Needs: Become Bank CSP

The Bank CSP works as a one stop solution of almost all the routine banking needs and more. This is also known as Banking Kiosk/Kiosk Banking. So the Kiosk Banking model is meant to provide a user-friendly & real time banking services to the consumer in their neighborhood. NICT CSP has been a National 'Business Correspondent' for the Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, PNB, Central Bank, SBI Bank, Allahabad Bank, ICICI Bank, Union Bank and Axis Bank. Hence, NICT CSP is authorized entity to provide Kiosk banking services to its present retail network as well as to create new Banking CSP agents all across the country.

About NICTCSP Services India

NICT CSP is here to present a low cost infrastructure that is powered by innovation and technology in order to enable instant, convenient and secure financial transactions. NICT CSP involves service aggregation and distribution by using mobile phones, PoS and web for processing the online payment and to enable money transfer services. It is so designed to serve the nation's Telecom/DTH Operators. Moreover it serves multiple Services Providers and Banks across all over India.

NICT CSP takes the existing retail shops, banking infrastructure and telecom connectivity in order to extend branchless banking services to the common man. NICT CSP also partners up with the institutions for offering payment, cash collection and disbursal services to the valuable clients. Customers can walk-into any CSP Pvt. ltd. for availing almost all types of banking services.

The NICP CSP has a Counter (retail outlet) to open a savings account as well as for depositing & withdrawing of cash from the account. Moreover it allows you to buy mobile talk-time or pay for a host of services, send money to any part of the country or receive money from any part of the world,. A low cost mobile phone works like the transaction device for retailers and customers.

NICT CSP provides a multi-modal (USSD, SMS, IVR and Application) approach for performing a transaction. Because of that the service works across all phones i.e. with the lowest to the most sophisticated handsets. NICT CSP also uses a two way authentication to complete the transaction. One Time Password (OTP) generator is called 'OkeKey'. When you perform a transaction then it only requires numeric literacy for number dialing, which has created a world-class transaction platform named as 'SimpliBank' that is used by multiple partners.

Benefits to Retailers :- The retailer who opens a CSP can get following benefits like he/she Earns commission on every transaction, No inventory management, Branding, Increased footfall and sale of primary product, Marketing and Promotion support, Enhance.

Benefits to Service Providers :- CSP holds a lot of benefits for the Service Providers. It further includes the benefits like: Enormous increase in sales, Efficient and faster payment realization, No set-up or maintenance cost, Live transactions and real-time updation & Online MIS reports, Enhanced customer convenience. Robust Customer Care Desk, Increased customer loyalty.

Benefits to Customers :- Customers can be benefitted by availing almost all kinds of banking services under one roof. Moreover these banking services are easily affordable and with High convenience. They have no need to face the long queues, In fact they can avail Multiple modes of payment & Legally valid receipt.

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