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  • Why should You Apply for CSP Bank?

    Dec, 30 2019
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    CSP banking is a great way to generate employment in the rural area and hence any one use it for their advantage. It doesn’t really require high class degree or any specific education in a sector. Only if you know how to use internet and can handle people then you are good to go. If you are looking for a way how to apply for CSP banking then worry not because we have brought you the whole information regarding the subject and the important documentation required along with it.

    Bank Mitra CSP is a representative agent of any bank that provides you access to banking services. Our organization’s principal target is to provide branchless banking services to remote places where these facilities are close to none. Our help allows people to access payment, cash deposits, disbursal and various other services. People can now simply walk into a nearby retail outlet to open their banking account, deposit and withdraw money with the help of our phenomenal services. Our goal is offering digitalization and financial support to remote area citizens who can now take loans and save money.

    Here are the guidelines for applying for CSP banking.

    1. You should be at a minimum age of 18
    2. You are supposed to be aware about computer function and should have a basic knowledge of computers.
    3. While applying for CSP, you should be willing to invest some money in the process of making the project.
    4. You should be unemployed, hardworking and responsible human being.

    Documents that are required while applying for CSP Banking Online areas follows. Remember these all documents are mandatory to submit or else the process won't proceed further.

    1. Two Passport Photos, ID Proof (Pan Card, Passport, Driving Licence, Voter ID or Aadhar Card)
    2. Residential Proof (Electricity bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Voter ID or Aadhar Card)
    3. Education Qualification Certificate- Your class 10th or 12th standard xerox papers with other educational documents you possess.

    That’s the document you re quire for applying for CSP. If you own the materials, we have mentioned above then you are perfectly eligible for the position and earn money via the system.

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