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The Common Service Centers (CSC) Scheme is one of the projects that fall under the Digital India Program. CSCs are basically the access points for delivering the necessary public utility services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education and agriculture services to the citizens in the rural as well as remote areas of the country. CSC is a pan India network that caters to the regional, geographic, linguistic and cultural diversity of our country, thus helping the Government to establish a socially, financially and digitally inclusive society.

To expand the services of CSC, some banks have taken the initiative of the KIOSK Banking that allows their customers to perform different banking transactions without the need of visiting a Bank Branch. In other words Kiosk Banking is a service that is offered by several banks, in which case the people do not have to actually visit the branch for doing different types of transactions. This is possible because the customer can easily open an account in the bank and operate from any of the nearest Kiosk Banking outlet on their own without any hassles. This service is primarily introduced by the Government of India as one of the important concepts that can boost the financial inclusion, especially in the rural areas where the customer outreach is not as good as it is in the urban areas and also most people in rural areas are uneducated requiring individual assistance.

This kiosk banking helps to deliver mainstream financial services to mass bank- excluded Indian public using remote- biometric enabled secure technology. Customers can open bank accounts and do different types of bank related transactions at an SBI Kiosk Banking outlet. These outlets are designed to provide end to end functionalities for the process of account opening or any online transaction. There are a number of advantages of having kiosk online such as safe and reliable operations through kiosk outlets, this happens because they are secured bio- metrically and come with a printed acknowledgement for each transaction made by respective customer.

Financial Services Available at Kiosk Banking

The numerous banking activities available at these Kiosks include the following:

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Account Opening
  • Money Transfer
  • Cash Deposit and more.
Functioning of Kiosk Banking

Any retailer of the kiosk is allowed to open a no- frills account in a bank for any customer by recording their fingerprint details and capturing a photograph of the customer. All the details attached with the other documents are then forwarded to the affiliated bank branches for conducting the further know-your-customer (KYC) process. After the account has been set-up and is functioning, the customer is allowed to withdraw, deposit or remit an amount of maximum Rs 10,000 per day through the internet- enabled kiosk branch.

Advantages of Kiosk Banking

By providing the facility of the kiosk banking online option, the following advantages can be enjoyed:

  • The benefits to Customer Service Point (CSPs)
  • Brand Equity of the banks like SBI
  • The opportunity for self-employment and ease at your door
  • Increased overall visibility
  • Increased number of walk in customers at your store
  • Great incentives based on your performance
  • Significant remuneration figures leading to eventual financial freedom
Benefits to enjoyed by the Customers

The following benefits are enjoyed by the customers with kiosk banking:

  • No Queue
  • Easy Approachability
  • DBT/DBTL, Social Security Schemes, Mudra Loans
  • Banking at one's door or the nearest location
Services Provided at Kiosk Banking Outlets
  • Opening of 'No-Frill Savings Accounts' with kiosk banking modules
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal in savings accounts
  • Opening of Term Deposit, Recurring Deposit and SHG Accounts
  • Money transfers to any bank account
  • Aadhar enabled deposits and withdrawals
  • DBT enabled facility in accounts
  • Loan lead generation and repayments
  • Home Loans
  • Loans against Property

NICT CSP creates a bridge between the customers, retailers and banks for helping them grow together as a nation.

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