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State Bank of India has come up with an advanced one-stop solution for all your banking activities. With the Help of E-corners set up in towns, cities and villages help to avoid delay and standing in long queues in front of a counter for hours. It is thoroughly guarded and secure for your financial help. Here's more information about it

What is E-Corner?

E-Corner is a small organization of workshops for all the banking services available there so you don’t have to travel far to the bank or wait in long queues. It has been inaugurated for the convenience and benefits of people and is another significant landmark in customer service.

e-corner sbi


E-Corner SBI and its Benefits

As correctly stated by Deputy General Manager Rajiv Kohli that "The State Bank of India (SBI) has been refining and redefining facilities and schemes at regular intervals to suit the customer need".

SBI Bank E-corner banking is a presciently innovative milestone that helps customers to access convenient banking services. It has committed to providing the service of 24/7 continuous basic Banking benefits to its customers. E-corner facilitates and supports customers to withdraw, deposit, transfer money, and other various services with their new Banking services.

This establishment will allow the bank customers to use ATM, Passbook printer, recycler, electronic cheque drop machines and also can update their passbooks at the respective E-corners.

SBI also introduced internet banking kiosks at its E-centre which will also offer various cash related facilities and transactions. The Kiosk works as a Cash Recycler that purposes for a cash deposit, dispensing, segregation and withdrawal. It collectively provides a solution for all your banking problems within your favorable geographical areas.

Benefits of E-corner

  • It's easy to access.
  • Facilities of Kiosk Banking.
  • Don't have to wait for hours.
  • Completely safe and Secure Service.
  • Also helpful for Remote region citizens.
  • Opened 1563 branches and 2000 ATMs in the state.
  • Don't have to stand in long queues anymore.
  • It provides easy cash deposit, withdrawal, and transfer.
  • More than 45% of the transaction is done through this system.
  • ATM, coin vending machine and electronic cheque dispensing, all under one roof.
  • Financial inclusion got a boost from the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) that added 336.6 million new basic savings bank deposit (BSBD) accounts and a total of 536 million in March 2018.
  • SBI is working with 7997 bank associates and CSP's to ease the facility in rural and remote areas.

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