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Getting banking services without waiting at a counter is now a reality!

Introducing the advanced technology in banking, SBI has started to open e-corners for the aid of people. State Bank of India has added yet another milestone in customer services. SBI has dedicated the facility of 24X7 Basic Banking e- Corner to its customers.

The e-Corner consists of 5 Hybrid Machines that include the Self Service Passbook Printing with high security Barcode System, a Recycler capable of handling deposit and withdrawal transactions, Cash Deposit Machine, ATM Machine and a Coin Vending machine.

According to a report by The Hindu, the SBI Assistant General Manager, K. Lakshmi stated "the response to the 24X7 e- corners is quite encouraging. Any transaction, you name it, be it transfer of funds or bill payment, is done in a comfy climate."

These self service kiosk with uninterrupted broadband connectivity offer about 20 functions and services including passbook update, bill payments, NEFT and more through a gateway.

Let us consider the situation, when someone uses an ATM machine; they pay a fee that is referred to as surcharge. People have understood that they are paying for their own convenience of using the convenience of getting cash whenever and wherever they need it. Each year billions of transactions are done for a nominal fee. Some of the benefits of converting your space into an ATM are:

Generating Rent from Your Place :-

Start generating income under brand name of SBI by getting ATMs installed at locations with higher footfall and great visibility across the country.

Great ROI :-

A franchise ATM will earn approximately a sum of Rs 15 for each cash withdrawal and Rs 5 for non- financial transactions. Although the amount incurred per transaction is fixed, the total return on investment depends on the footfall generated at the ATM.

Increase your Sales :-

By installing an ATM provided by services of SBI under the Basic Banking e- Corner facility, one can boost the footfall to their and increase their sales.

Surcharge Revenue :-

Enjoy the benefits of an ATM installed in your space or store by getting added surcharge revenue in your regular income.

Better Customer Retention :-

Having an ATM in your store can increase the retention of a customer. This happens because it is very common to lose customers as they sometimes do not have cash and there is no ATM near your store. When you have an ATM at your store, the chances of customers leaving empty handed reduce, which brings profit in the long run. Also you may experience a customer who came for the ATM and bought loads of things from your store, just because it made his task of visiting another store to buy and another place for cash transactions easier and combined in one.

Therefore, start making more money and at the same time provide convenience to your customers by using the ATM installation services. Get an ATM installed in the locations of your store to boost your customer traffic, to increase the per- ticket and the overall sales, and to improve your per- customer profit. In addition to getting more cash sales, getting an ATM installed can reduce your credit card fees and the incurred bad check losses. The qualified locations can enjoy the advantage of our ATM Placement Program. We handle the ATM and ATM installation services, while you still receive a portion of the surcharge from each ATM cash withdrawal. NICT CSP collaborates with partners for institutions to offer payment, cash withdrawal and deposit services to the people.